- local and regional market objectives -

With more demand for small housing units in prime locations, GHC is looking to diversify its projects in Lebanon in order to create affordable housings for the youth, and clients - with limited budgets - that want quality apartments in the country’s capital.

On the other hand, and with significant assets lying in: logistics, tourism, hospitality, well developed infrastructure, strategic location and tax-free; the market objective in the Emirates creates a contrasting opportunity for GHC to increase the company’s market share and expand with big scale luxurious projects, especially with the solid economic outlook of the UAE.

Their fast-rising property sector and expected economic growth in the coming years is ensured thanks to a continuousely flourishing tourism industry and new large-scale construction projects being launched.

GHC's diverse objectives have led the company to set its eyes on the Iraqi market. With Iraq calls for foreign investment for new housing, an attractive aspect of housing development is created and represents a great opportunity for GHC to expand in Iraq. The new houses are guaranteed to be purchased rapidly because of high demand.