Overview of the project

Overview of the project

Diyari includes: mosque, kindergarten, private schools, hammam, dispensaries, youth centers, entertainment centers...

One of the project's streets

One of the project's streets

The completed phase 1 of the project.

A completed block

A completed block

Apartments range from 60 to 65 sqm. Retail spaces range from 30 to 90 sqm.


An urban community of residential buildings

DESCRIPTION                                                    OWNER

100 residential bldg: GF + 5 storey                 Société Générale pour l'Habitat s.a.rl.

2,700 apartments

LOCATION                                                          OWNER'S OFFICES

Tangier, Morocco                                               Tangier, Morocco

YEAR OF EXECUTION                                      CONSULTANT

2013                                                                     Tanja Etudes

Diyari is a new - one of a kind - residential project located in Tangier Morocco, with retail spaces scattered all around the project.

Strategically located next to the airport, duty free zone and the industrial area, the
project offers its residents peace and comfort with modern amenities.

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